May 15, 2011

My favourite Nova Scotia business things

Innovation is a key to increasing investment values and Innovation comes when there's R&D and new product development. In these regards Nova Scotia is unique in the facilitates innovation and business success and everyone should know this.

As proof these are a few of my favourite Nova Scotia business things that enable your success:

  1. Atlantic Time Zone - means you can do business with Europe and the West Coast in the same work day

  2. Halifax Stanfield International Airport - the only US customs preclearance in Atlantic Canada. Productive same day trips to NYC and Boston - only 2 hours or less away by plane -

  3. Life Science Research Centre - a new facility - life science and biotech business incubation and R&D all under the same roof -

  4. Halifax Marine Research Centre - launching this month - marine and oceans business incubation and R&D all under the same roof -

  5. Nova Scotia Agricultural College - a leading agricultural learning and research institute, with agribusiness incubation and R&D under one roof in the Atlantic Centre for Agricultural Innovation and Atlantic Bioventure Institute -

  6. Superior work force - 67% of working age popluation has a post secondary degree, dipoloma or certificate - the highest in Canada

  7. 100% broadband access in Nova Scotia -

  8. Amongst the lowest cost areas to operate a business -

  9. Nova Scotia Business Inc. - I work for this organization. Sole mission is to expand business activity in Nova Scotia through trade development and investment - we can make a difference for you -

  10. Innovacorp - early stage incubation, mentoring and investment -

These are amazing competitive what are you waiting for?

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