March 8, 2011

+44° 39' 1.29", -63° 39' 18.85"

In response to a press release sent to national media by my food blogger wife, an editor emailed saying " are too far a field for us to cover your event". The release was about one of the longest continuously running online foodie events reaching a very cool milestone.

This editor concluded the event was a physical gathering and not a virtual one. The precise GPS location where my wife blogs (home) is: +44° 39' 1.29", -63° 39' 18.85" and I can just imagine what it would be like to actually host thousands of foodies every Friday night at our home!

But seriously, this reinforces the words of Matthew Ingram that Newspapers Need to Be Of the Web Not Just On the Web. In his article he quotes Emily Bell (the director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University) who said:
"The secret to online success for newspapers doesn't depend on the choice of technology, or decisions about content, or even specific kinds of knowledge about the web. All it requires", she says, "is a firm commitment to be of the web, not just on the web."
In my opinion this doesn't just apply to newspapers and their staff but to all organizations. Being of the web means more than having website, using email and Blackberries. Being of the web means reinventing the way you do business to align with the web, to understand it and use it and realize the benefits the web offers.

I'm of the Web...are you?

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