February 15, 2011

What did you do Mom?

"What did you do Mom?" was the comment a friend's daughter had posted on her Mom's Facebook profile. Mom had accepted a questionable app that quickly added ten unwanted statuses to her news feed.

I think that parents dread the "what did you do?" line from their child when it comes to anything that's online. Its not that adults are technically inept it's that their child's generation has been immersed in a tech lifestyle from day one...probably from the womb too!

For example, I know of a four and two year old that are extremely tech savvy. The four year old can operate a Windows PC, video game controllers and an iPhone. He has his own digital camera and takes better pictures than some adults. The two year old can already operate a PVR and select his favourite movies and new episodes of Dora and Diego from a vast list of recordings. He can also easily fast forward through TV commercials and assemble 48 piece puzzles (I couldn't resist that puzzle bit!)

In comparison, at seven years of age all I was able to do was play with a simple radio. The first time I truly interacted with tech devices (not counting experience with a Commodore VIC-20) I was 25 years old and that's because I had a full time job selling early IBM PC's.

Can you imagine what our kids are going to be like when they're in their 20's and 30's given what they can accomplish now?

Actually come to think of it I can imagine it - they will start revolutions that change the world!!! Click here for an example.

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