March 8, 2009

What I Learned from Hollywood - Part 7

Did you see that WALL-E won the the Academy Award for best animated film? For those of you that don't know WALL-E, it's a Pixar film about a robot that is left behind after mankind abandons earth.

Naturally for some people the message in WALL-E is an environmental one - save the planet! For others it's a love story. Yet others, including me, see the movie as an amazing example of what the talent at Pixar can produce. But what I really learned from WALL-E was something completely person (or robot) can do the impossible!

WALL-E made me remember a time earlier in my career when I was on a high risk, long term, high impact, strategic project. Initially this project was a solitary pursuit, much like WALL-E's. In his story, he finds a plant during the course of his work. This plant appears after 700 years of cleaning the planet. This small live vegetation saves mankind!

I learned from WALL-E that one person (or robot) can do the impossible! So keep at it no matter what the odds and you will succeed!

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