February 7, 2009

Planes, iPods and...Lawyers

This isn't about the iPod habits of lawyers at 30,000 feet! Occasionally I collect interesting news articles, with the intention of writing a post on each. Of course there's never enough time to write. So instead of having some of these links languishing on my personal task list, here's a sampling of three links that caught my eye and the insight to be gained from each:

Airbus A380 is a mixed blessing for LAX:

  • Summary: The LA Times writes about the giant A380 aircraft causing headaches at LAX. Here's a quote from the piece: "...the A380 requires special procedures because Los Angeles International Airport was not built to accommodate a plane of its size...Every time Qantas lands one of its giant Airbus A380s at LAX, parts of the nation's fourth-busiest airport come to a halt"
  • Insight: The A380 offers airlines improved fuel economy, longer range, better customer amenities. But one has to wonder what the true financial impact of this immense aircraft is. Impact to other airline flights in the air and on the group, their passengers and airport authorities operating expenses. Being the biggest may may not be better in this case
  • Click here to read the whole article.

The great iPod migration:

  • Summary: Fortune Magazine on the 100 million migration opportunity at Apple - iPod to iPhone. An equities analyst (Bernstein Research’s Toni Sacconaghi) speculates what Apple will do to drive more revenue from its iPod install base
  • Insight: I don't know if Sacconaghi's proposal to compel the 100M iPod users to upgrade through introducing lower cost iPhones (without a data plan and/or launching a smaller iPhone) is in Apple's product plan. But what an amazing upgrade opportunity. Need to track this one!
  • Click here to read the entire article

Billable Hours Giving Ground at Law Firms:

  • Summary: The NY Times writes that billable hours at law firms are down thanks to the economic crisis
  • Insight: This is an excellent description of the problem facing all professional services firms (Accounting, Consulting, etc...) as a result of the downturn in the economy. These lawyers have some great ideas to cope - flat fees instead of billable hours, commissions on savings and even payment plans. If you run a PS firm you may want to consider these options also
  • Click here to read the entire article

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