October 13, 2008

They Predicted It

I once worked for a senior executive at a leading software company that predicted the bursting of the Dotcom Bubble back in 2000-2001. In the midst of rising expectations he advised us to go liquid on all technology and telecommunications stock investments before it was too late.

We heeded his advice. Fast forward to 2008 and we're in a similar crisis. This time it's one that's related to debt and the worldwide financial system. I wonder what my old boss would say about current events? Could he have predicted today's scenario? Maybe, maybe not!

There's an interesting article in the Huffington Post today identifying individuals that "...issued warnings about the fragility of the financial system and sounded the alarm about an impending collapse before it all came crashing down"

It's scary to read how each (scholars, investors, politicians, etc...) precisely predicted current events and outcomes.

Here are the names:
Personally, I'm already looking at their work to improve my predictive skills.

Click here to read the entire article.

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