March 19, 2008

Last one in the car takes notes

I live in a part of North America where air travel to other cities isn't economical. When most people plan a business trip to a destination they click to a travel or airline website and purchase plane tickets...I don't.

One time, I computed the cost at $1.50 per kilometer for short haul flight (an hour or less). In comparison the longer haul (2 hours) was 22 cents per kilometer. Even if I wanted to fly, the flight schedules are not conducive to business schedules. So I rent a car, drive and save time and money.

In travelling this way I discovered a very cool benefit. On one trip I travelled with people I work with. We were heading to the same city for different meetings. This was a four hour car ride to the destination and four hours back home a few days later.

I bet you're groaning, thinking you'd be a captive audience in such a scenario. In fact the opposite is true. You would be surprised how many productive discussions can get accomplished on such a trip. As an added plus there's no risk of other passengers on a plane listening in on a confidential talk.

So instead of spending thousands of dollars to fly a bunch of people to a city a short haul flight away, rent a car an drive out and back...together. Just make sure to change drivers so that everyone gets a chance to talk. It's not safe to drive and chair a meeting at the same time.

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