March 16, 2008

How fast do you go?

There are many ways to gain insight into a person's business style. You can share a meal, go for a run or play a round of golf. If the person plays to win or lets you win, you can quickly get a sense of their personality and approach. In the same vein you can tell if they're courteous, share, or listen.

Getting such insight can be valuable about individuals, teams and whole companies. In the past I've written about "Benchmarking Your Parking Lot" to learn about how people get things done.

I think there is another better, more fun way to learn about a person. Say you need to appoint a Project Manager or key leader for an important initiative in your organization. Instead of holding the usual interviews in a stale meeting room or office...move the discussion to a car. It will be worth it!

When you're on a highway, whether the I35 in Atlanta, the 401 in Toronto or Santa Monica Freeway in LA, how do you navigate in traffic? Do you go faster than the flow of cars?...go slower?...or do you keep pace with the pack?

How a person drives in traffic is a reliable predictor of leadership style and therefore the level of success of the initiative in the hands of that person. Its not just the speed driven and the risks taken (or lack thereof) that are key predictors or indicators of performance. You'll want to assess how or whether they avoid traffic jams, make route changes, and handle the stress of getting to a destination.

Don't forget to changes places so your candidate gets a chance to assess you!

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