December 30, 2007

Think Forward

Every where I look, there is a "best of 2007" review. I guess it's to be expected given 2007 is winding down. I'm not motivated by recalling the best or worst of the past twelve months. But give me the opportunity to think forward into the next twelve months and I'm quickly into value creation and action planning mode.

Scott Kessler of Business Week Online (via E-Commerce News) has an excellent two part piece covering Standard & Poor's - "Tech Sector Outlook 2008."

Standard & Poor's analysts in Part 1 - cover semiconductors, chip equipment, computer hardware, storage, electronic manufacturing services and systems software. Part 2 - deals with application software, Internet software and services, home entertainment software, IT consulting and data processing services, telecommunications services and communications equipment.

Check it out..its a great read.

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