July 17, 2007

Shift to Facebook

Moving to a new city as my family and I did recently was truly an adventure. Discovering new things and adapting to new customs can be fun. Some say it's hard work. In particular finding a home can be the biggest challenge.

We made the decision to get familiar with our new city's neighbourhoods by renting a home for a year and then buying one. We quickly learned that there are more homes for purchase than rent. As well a large segment of the population are university students and you get a very unusual rental market.

Given our involvement with the Internet, our housing search was assisted by the usual tools:
Craigslist.com, Kijiji.com and Google Search. I also posted an ad on Facebook's MarketPlace. We received higher quality responses and advice from Facebook than all the others sites combined. This applies not just help to find a home but business advice that saved us weeks!

In hindsight this should not come as a surprise given Jeff Pulver's post -
"Goodbye LinkedIn. Hello Facebook." He says - "This morning I made the decision to focus all of my professional business social networking contacts to be on Facebook."

I'm with Jeff...its time to make the shift to Facebook. Click here to read my Facebook Profile.

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