May 30, 2007

No TV Zone

I've been without TV for the last two months. The truth is that I've been without broadcast TV. The reason is that where we now live is not yet in the service area of my employer's TV service. So instead of handing my money to a competitor, we've chosen to go without "House", "Law and Order", "Criminal Minds" to name a few favourite shows. That's right no TV!

It was as if I quit a bad habit. Meaning that the change was hard. Before moving here, I had a PVR and access to over 500 channels. Now we're a self appointed No TV Zone.

What do we do with all this free time? What do I say when someone at work asks what I thought of the 2 hour episode of Grey's Anatomy"? For a while I was reading about the shows on blog sites such as Show Tracker. But it wasn't the same as actually watching the episode of whatever show.

We ended up spending more time talking, getting out of the house, exercising and spending more time on the web. I have to admit that we rediscovered movies. Instead of watching a TV show we watched every single James Bond film. Right now as I write this, the first Harry Potter film is on.

Watching great movies beats watching the same episode of CSI Miami in rerun...for the third time. You're guaranteed of two hours quality viewing. But can I hold out much longer? Probably, but I can't wait for my company's TV offering to get to my neighbourhood.

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