May 30, 2007

An Innovative Week

There have been a few amazing new product introductions this week that I have to link to:

Microsoft Launches New Product Category: Surface Computing - "First commercially available surface computer from Microsoft breaks down barriers and provides effortless interaction with information using touch, natural gestures and physical objects." Watch a video of it here.

Google Maps Takes it to the Streets - "Google launched a new feature on its mapping service on Tuesday that allows people to see panoramic views of streets and buildings." Click here to see Times Square NYC.

Live Scribe Unveils the Future of the Pen - "technology that lets you take handwritten notes from a lecture or interview with a high-tech pen.The pen will remember everything that was being said when you took the notes." Click here for a sneak peek.

I know one thing for sure - I've got to get my hands on that Live Scribe Smartpen!!!

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