March 13, 2007

De-Cloak Your Email

The project I'm on right now is very exciting. It's with a high flying company in the renewable energy industry. My client is a manufacturer of roof mount Vertical Access Wind Turbines. This is a product that harnesses wind to generate electricity to power a home, farm, silo, greenhouse or business.

One would think that Renewable Energy is a deviation from my usual pursuits in the Information Technology business. But it's not much that's different . For example - there's complexity, big support requirements and a need for customized solutions.

But that's not why I'm writing this post. I have real time access to my clients inbound leads. This takes the form mainly of email messages...a lot of messages. Whats interesting is that the senders almost never send email from a corporate domain. Its almost always from Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or some other public email service. I know for a fact that these individuals work for an organization. So why cloak their corporate identity?

Perhaps they're with a competitor, or don't want to get spammed with messages to their corporate email. The result is that you never know whether you're dealing with the largest company in the world or a "mom and pop" business working out of a basement.

Not that I would ever treat them differently. However as a marketer I would like to track the market segment, demographics of inbound leads and thereby monitor the effectiveness of lead generation programs by simply eyeballing an email domain name.

So if you're sending an inquiry email to a company, why not do a favour to it's marketers and de-cloak your email?

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