February 11, 2007

Ideas Trump Geography

Frequently when scanning the New York Times, great business content can be found . Today is no exception. As I write this, today's edition has an column with value to readers of Global Market Development.

Its entitled: When It Comes to Innovation, Geography is Destiny. The author G. Pascal Zachary says - "Give birth to a tech idea in Silicon Valley, and chances of success soar." By the way - Silicon Valley is the geography encompassing a 50 mile corridor between San Jose and San Francisco in California.

I agree with the notion that Silicon Valley is an amazing cluster of ideas, expertise and money. But don't lose sight that that when it comes to innovation, a fresh, new, differentiated idea is more important than your GPS coordinates or the colour of your passport.

A unique idea always increases the odds of success, regardless of whether you're make your home in Toronto, Xiamen or Silicon Valley.

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