February 11, 2007

Ideas Trump Geography

Frequently when scanning the New York Times, great business content can be found . Today is no exception. As I write this, today's edition has an column with value to readers of Global Market Development.

Its entitled: When It Comes to Innovation, Geography is Destiny. The author G. Pascal Zachary says - "Give birth to a tech idea in Silicon Valley, and chances of success soar." By the way - Silicon Valley is the geography encompassing a 50 mile corridor between San Jose and San Francisco in California.

I agree with the notion that Silicon Valley is an amazing cluster of ideas, expertise and money. But don't lose sight that that when it comes to innovation, a fresh, new, differentiated idea is more important than your GPS coordinates or the colour of your passport.

A unique idea always increases the odds of success, regardless of whether you're make your home in Toronto, Xiamen or Silicon Valley.

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  1. You build a great case for good ideas and I agree. Thanks for the inspiration.

    What would you say is the first key step to moving a great ideas into a sustainable reality? Ideas?

  2. Ellen, doing the homework up front is what it takes to get an idea into reality and succeed. Alot of ideas go straight into the wild without any prep or forethought. An then be tenacious, and perceviere...never let your dream die!!!