January 10, 2007

How to Improve Interviews

Here are some things you can do to improve results and outcomes when interviewing candidates for new hire positions:

  • Always start the interview on time. If your schedule is "back to back" with a high risk you'll be late or have to cancel, then reschedule proactively to off peak times. If you're late, always apologize and offer to reschedule. Treat the candidate as you would want to be treated yourself.
  • Keep it confidential. Out of respect for the privacy, confidentiality of critical business conversations, such interviews, never conduct one in a public place.
  • Always review the resume ahead of time. Never agree to an interview without scanning the resume. If you agree to interview resist the temptation to jump to a conclusion in the first 5 minutes...after 5 minutes drill down on what you need to know...this helps to see the whole candidate so you can make an objective assessment.
  • Don't have peers make hiring decisions . Unless its an internal candidate. Even then theres a need to ensure that the person doing the interviewing understands what it means to be a mentor vs. a hiring manager. The downside outcome is somewhat like "founderitis", which is when individuals act either intentionally, or subconsciously to block change and to maintain the status quo or protect their interests or power.

Hope this helps!

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