November 3, 2006

Mountains of Sunshine

Earlier today I was on a travel website. A site where individuals, not professional reviewers give their opinions on travel providers. What stood out was that the reviews were polar opposites. They were either outstanding raves or rants about incompetence.

Most listings however were at the high end of the spectrum, glowing "can't wait to go back there" kind of statements.
I admit that the majority of these reviews are legitimate. But this isn't about reviewing the review site. I'm writing this about making decisions. Or more correctly - how to make decisions in the face of a mountain of positive.

What causes the mountain of positive? Why a "sunshine pump" of course. A "sunshine pump" isn't a plumbing product, it's a practice in business where people pump out only good news, take positive spin in a bad situation without admitting the existence of the bad. An example of this occurance is in sales departments where ordinary opportunities take on the glow of mega deals at forecast time.

So how do you know when you're facing a mountain of sunshine? The simplest symptom of it is the absence of negative when making decisions or when reviewing the status on a project or sales opportunity. The goal isn't to eradicate the positive but to inject reality into your assessments.

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