October 23, 2006

Same Day Job Offers

There's a Wall Street Journal article about Google's hiring process. Much like other technology companies, the interview process in specific can be like running a gauntlet. But one that's youv'e go to go through if you your goal is to work for a tier 1 company.

What is interesting from the article is this quote:

"...Google tries "to strike the right balance between letting candidates get to know Google, letting us get to know them, and moving quickly." He adds that the average time it takes Google to make an offer has dropped significantly over the last few months and that the "ideal would be that for at least some roles, we can make offers the same day people interview."

Same day job offers is an amazingly difficult benchmark to attain. For a company to engineer it would be quite an accomplishment. In my experience we're in a competitive arena for highly specialized people. These individuals come onto the job market for short intervals and an employer must move quickly to hire them. It's good to see an industry leader move in that direction.

Perhaps we've reached the stage where we can say: Whats good for Google is good for the rest of the world.

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