October 6, 2006

My Top 10 Most Popular Posts

I just occured to me that I have been writing in this space for close to 20 months (since March 2005.) Its a good time for a look back. So, according to Google Analytics here is a list of the 10 most popular posts since this site was launched.

1. Super Bowl vs. World Cup - A comparison of two of the biggest sporting events in the world...taken from a business perspective.

2. Carnival of the Capitalists - A roundup of the best business and technology articles on the Blogosphere for the week of September 28, 2006.

3. Benchmark Your Parking Lot - A unique way to track the organizational health of your business.

4. Stack Ranking 20-70-10 - A perspective on the use stacking ranking for employee performance reviews.

5. Will History Repeat Itself - Comparing 1956 with 2006.

6. Management Portal - Showcasing an excellent listing of management tools, techniques and methodologies.

7. Physics of Sales Management - A best practice approach to sales development.

8. All Innovation is Open - Answering the question whether open source development is innovative.

9. Innovation Brain Freeze - Ideas and approaches to improve innovation in your organization.

10. Crunch of the Turnaround - The definitive "how to" on engineering a turnaround of your business.

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  1. So, David, what did this little exercise tell you? I ask because I recently started looking at my own "top ten" posts every week and found a couple of interesting things such as (a) usually (but not always) the more thought I put into a post the more likely it was to show up repeatedly in the top ten (b) it wasn't always my newest posts that showed up in the top ten (I had expected more of a recency effect) and (c) some topics that I care about a great deal rarely show up in my top ten.

  2. Dennis, my reason for publishing the list of all time top 10 posts was to allow for a new reader to quickly gain a sense for the focus of this site.

    Having just finished "The Long Tail" I also realized that recommendations by other readers is value add on the Blogosphere. In my case recommendations are of number of pageviews resulting in a "top" list.

    In general I agree with your insights. I would however add that original content always finds a wider audience.