September 27, 2006

Get Out of There

The Re-Imagineering site has a excellent piece of business wisdom from Walt Disney. Re-Imagineering is the website operated by a bunch of Disney and Pixar professionals. Here's a quote:

"John Hench often talked about Walt's desires for his staff of Imagineers at W.E.D. to visit the Park often."You guys get down there at least twice a month. For God's sake, don't eat off the lot. Stay there... lunch with the guests... talk to them. Why would Walt Disney suggest such a thing? The answer is of course very simple. Walt understood that the only way to discover what works and what does not work is to experience it for yourself."

If you are reading this in a office, away from your staff, store, operations...whatever. Get out of there right now and talk to your people, interact with your clients and find out what does or doesn't work. It's the only real way to stay grounded in reality and be a better leader.

Click here to read the entire article.

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