August 10, 2006

Core Technology Strategies

While looking for insight into the core technology strategies I came upon some great content about Yahoo, Microsoft and Google. So I thought I'd share what I learned.

In an interview in
Technology Review the head of Yahoo Research - Prabhakar Raghavan, answers what the future of computing and the Internet according to Yahoo will look like. Here is a quote:

"Will the browser be the dominant medium, the dominant window into the Internet? No. You'll see rapid updates in other interfaces, especially in emerging markets [including China and South Korea] where a lot of people use mobile devices instead of computers. But if you think beyond that, from a Yahoo standpoint, the computer-human interaction isn't really what we're about. We don't care about pixels on the screen. What we care about is how you interact with other humans. A computer and a mobile device are just mediums. To our children, these are just appliances that are just part of the background. That's where we need to be. "

In comparison, in a column in the
Seattle Times, Brier Dudley quotes Merrill Lynch analyst Kash Rangan about Microsoft (and Google) as follows:

"Our view is that Microsoft gets the Internet, and that the desktop will be an asset in the pursuit of its Online strategy. The old Microsoft exemplified the strategy of a pure software company. It saw everything as a software problem, with the device -- PC or mobile -- storing the data and intelligence. Google exemplifies the strategy of a pure Internet company. It sees everything mostly as a problem sitting in the Internet cloud, with the server storing the data and intelligence. The new Microsoft is a combination of both these viewpoints. The desktop is important to the Internet experience, especially when it comes to doing things like synching up calendars and e-mail from the work desktop through the cloud."

To summarize the core technology strategy for each is:

  • Yahoo - Focused on devices;
  • Google - Pure set of Internet products/services;
  • Microsoft - All the above plus desktops;

Lets see how this evolved over the next 18 months.

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