August 28, 2006

Carnival of the Capitalists - August 28, 2006

The August 28th Edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists (CotC) is live here. The CotC is the leading weekly event that highlights the very best of the business blogosphere. There are 39 excellent articles this week. So wihout any futher interuption from me, here are the posts in the order that they were received:

Management: Carmine Coyote of
Slow Leadership applies Bertand Russell to management in Those Much-ignored Essentials: Time, Thought, and Proof.

Sales: Nick Tritt offers ways to improve eBay sales via
Listing Title Search Tags posted at Power Selling on eBay.

Technology: Pawel Brodzinski talks about team roles and MSF in
How to Improve Your Scheduling at Software Project Management.

Scatterbox by Steven Silvers says how Fear and loathing in the Wal-Mart wars won’t change the nature of business.

Accounting: David Stern at
Financial Think explains how to free way to put an extra $1K, $10K, even $100K in the bank in Invoice promptly to improve cash flow.

Economics: John Rozewicki says how taxes are being used and abused to pull a bait and switch on the american people’s pocket book in
Ask Not What Your Taxes Can Do For You! at Supreme Narcissism.

Dysfunctional Financial Personality #5 - The Obsessive Tightwad is part of a series on people's finanical personalities at Free the Drones.

Economics: RJH Adams of
Capital Chronicle provides an excellent briefing in Oil markets: chaos & linearity

Marketing: Barry Welford at
BPWrap - Internet Marketing From A Different Point Of View explains Word of Blog Marketing aka Viral Marketing.

Business: Henry Stern of
InsureBlog sends out a Small Business Storm Warning about the dropping of employer group health plans.

Economics: Vihar Sheth at
Green Rising presents insight into our society from a cultural survey about Individualism, Long-Term Orientation, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance and Power Distance in The Nature of Our Society.

Technology: cehwiedel at
Kicking Over My Traces presents visualizing your website in Visualization

Matt Inglot asks an important question Is Your Website a Money Maker or Money Pit?

Business: David Maister presents a profile of Two Entrepreneurs at Passion, People and Principles.

Business: Marcus Markou suggests ways to make a partnership work in Going into Business with Friends? See a Lawyer at BOB - Business Opportunities Blog.

Business: Brian Gongol of reveals in a UPS survey says Chinese customers want "Made in the USA".

Management: Michael Wade the offers Diplomacy tips in Diplomacy 101.

Management: Jeannie Bauer of
Bouncing Back reveals 7 Tip Offs that Politics Run Rampant in Your Company (btw - this is my favorite submission! - DD)

Economics: Paul M. Secunda presents
Gladwell and the Link Between Productivity and Pensions at Workplace Prof Blog.

Economics: Mike Simonsen of
Altos Research Insights lists Housing Bubble Headlines.

Finance: Trent says that
L-3 Up For Grabs posted at Stock Market Beat.

Finance: Katie says that financial bloggers should be looking for a way to make investments toward the future in
Financial bloggers losing focus posted at Aridni.

Finance: A. Samuel of
Property Investment Blog presents an Overseas Property TV useful tool.

Finance: Dan Melson at
Searchlight Crusade sends Cash Back From The Seller to the Buyer in Real Estate Sales

Buisness: Mark of
SportsBiz explains Income Inequality and Baseball

Technology: Tam Hanna says
Why crap can rule the world at TamsPalm-the Palm OS Blog.

Marketing: Elisa Camahort of
The Worker Bees Blog asks Why won't someone build a real conversation tracking tool?

Business: Nina Smith at
Queercents reveals Ubertrends in Banking

Management: Leon Gettler at
Sox First provides an Interview with Jim Turley, Ernst & Young global chairman and CEO.

Business: Stephen Karlson asks are you
Nostalgic for the Old Industrial State? at Cold Spring Shops.

Management: David St Lawrence from
Ripples: post-corporate adventures says that We all take orders from someone... (another one of my favorites - DD)

Marketing: Wayne Hurlbert of
Blog Business World show how to enhance Blog SEO: Higher search engine rankings tip

Economics: Jack Yoest asks
Do Elite Women Want to Breed? from Jack Yoest.

Finance: Tom Hanna of
Financial Options adds value with The Week Ahead: Your Financial Roadmap for August 28 to September 1, 2006.

Sales: Andrew Trinh at
Trizoko Biz Journal presents How to Make People Buy From You (another favorite in this week's Carnival - DD)

Economics: Moneywise of The Real Returns has Thoughts About Earnings.

Management: David Foster of Photon Courier offers up Intuition and Analysis in Decision-Making.

Finance: Joe Kristan of Roth & Company Tax Updates presents Murphy's Law, Indeed.... and says two major flaws in a recent DC Circuit decsion.

Marketing: Kevin Hillstrom of MineThatData makes great commentary in Your Relationship With Brands.

Thats it for this week. Make sure you tune into next week's Carnival of the Captitalists (September 4th) hosted by The Business of America is Business.

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