July 3, 2006

Learning Equals Change

Bill Waddell of Evolving Excellence has a great post called "Just Start Learning" where he captures the very essence of what it takes to successfuly undertake change.

Here' a quote: "The key to becoming a competitive, lean manufacturer does not lie in leadership, vision statements, cultural transformations, ERP systems, paying for kaizen events, hiring Six Sigma black belts, or hiring me or any other consultant to go into the factory to make changes. The vital key to lean transformation is knowledge, and knowledge requires time and effort. "One Minute Managers" don't become lean."

As you can tell Bill's focus is Lean Leadership, but his insight can easily apply to any task involving change or reinvention.

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  1. How we need to apply an idea like this to being the lead back into leadership! i think "Lean" and other programs took away the heart of great leadership -- and I find hope here -- that we can get some of it back. Thanks for the insights!