January 1, 2006

Will History Repeat Itself?

Does history repeat itself? In a wierd way, I see that it could.

Fifty years ago the year was 1956. It was a great year. 2006 would be an outstanding one if it delivered like 1956 did. The December 31st, 1956 issue of Time Magazine stated: "By virtually every economic measure, 1956 was the greatest year in history" about the USA.

Time also said this about Canada: "It was another bountiful year for Canada's economy...every vital line, production, employment, income and investment continued sharply upward during 1956. Canada's gross national product soared to $29.5 billion, an increase of more than 10%." This sounds familiar...isn't this about the growth rate of the 2005-2006 Chinese economy?

This unprecedented prosperity and wealth led to the slogan "two cars in every garage and a turkey in every oven." Speaking of cars, in 1956 the Ford Motor Company became a publicly traded company. Not to be outdone in 1956, Charles E. Wilson, President of General Motors uttered the famous line "What was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa"

Lets return to history repeating itself. Here's a translation of 1956 players to 2006 ones:

  • General Motors = Microsoft.
  • Ford = Google.
  • Canada = China.
  • USA = USA.

Now do you see it like I see it?

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