December 11, 2005

The Conservative Party Innovation Platform

A couple of weeks ago I asked the principal Canadian federal political parties to provide their Innovation Platform so that the Canadian readers of this site can make voting decisions for the election slated for January. If you're not Canadian this info is valuable if you're interested in investing in an Innovation Program in Canada.

The Conservative Party of Canada responded via Peter Kent - their candidate for the St. Paul's Riding in Toronto. He provided his party's Innovation Platform. I'm including the info excatly the way I recieved it below:

POLICY DECLARATION: Science, Research and Development

i) A Conservative Government will establish a single authority or single window to review big science projects according to published guidelines. These types of projects are often tied up in the bureaucracy because, under the current system, they are forced to seek funding from a myriad of departments and agencies. A single-window approach would be more transparent for the research community and more accountable to Canadian taxpayers.

ii) A Conservative Government will appoint an independent Chief Scientist who will advise and report to Parliament on scientific matters, and help coordinate science policy issues within government, and internationally.

This office will be modeled on the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology in the United Kingdom. The Chief Scientist will be mandated by Parliament to provide independent and balanced analysis of public policy issues related to science and technology. This information will be provided openly to Parliamentarians and Canadians to enable informed decisions.

iii) A Conservative Government will uphold funding of innovation, technology and research through the granting councils.

The Conservative Party supports a competitive peer review process and enhanced transparency and accountability to determine who shall receive grants through these councils. A Conservative Government would continue to fund the indirect costs of research with particular attention to small universities.

iv) The Conservative Party recognizes the importance of private sector investment in research and
development of commercial applications. We recognize that the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credit has been successful in spurring private investment in R&D. We will work with stakeholders in all fields of research and various industry sectors to expand this tax credit. A Conservative Government will also eliminate the capital tax and reduce the capital gains tax because the effectiveness of the SR&ED tax credit relies upon the general level of tax on capital and investment.

Stay tuned. The other Parties have not provided their platforms yet. As soon as they do I'll have it here.

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