December 7, 2005

Business Ideas For Right Now

In a few days thoughts will be turning to the holiday season. I'm writing this so you don't slip away quite yet. There's time to quickly add some value. Here are 20 business ideas you can implement right way to enable a great 2006:

Business Ideas:

  1. Buy a book for everyone in your company;
  2. Invest in training courses for your weakest contributors;
  3. Create a succession plan. It's time;
  4. Startup a corporate blog to reach more clients;
  5. Host a company meeting with an open Q&A session;
  6. Bring your kid to work for a day. You won't regret it;
  7. Write a book proposal around your best ideas and send it to publishers;
  8. Do a project portfolio audit. Kill non-essential projects;
  9. Take your worst customer to lunch and listen;
  10. Hire an expert for a day of knowledge transfer;
  11. Write an article for a trade publication;
  12. Play hooky to spend time with your family;
  13. Process then empty your email inbox;
  14. Volunteer or donate to charity;
  15. Go window shopping for a new computer;
  16. Set up a Secret Santa for your team;
  17. Do a Freaky Friday - trade places with a subordinate for a day;
  18. Clear out junk from the office;
  19. Cook a meal for your team;
  20. Forward this list;

Have Fun!!!

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