November 5, 2005

Problem Solving 2.0 Style

Back in August I wrote a post on this blog entitled: What Do You When You're Stumped? In it I listed the books I dive into when I'm stumped by a client's business problem. The logic in this approach to problem solving works, and I realize that it's ideally used within a conventional environment.But what do you do when the setting is new to the world and when the circumstances are “out there”? The reference books haven't been written yet. No one’s worked through this problem're out there on your own.

This occurs frequently in companies commercializing emerging technologies and/or implementing unique business models. In fact I'm facing one of these issues right now.

What’s new now is that the Blogosphere has taken over as my primary source of insight and information to solve problems. Whereas in the past I relied on my reference materials and network of contacts to solve problems, now I use 2.0 Problem Solving through a growing collection of expert Blog sites.Earlier this week a
Forbes Magazine article painted a negative picture of the Blogosphere. I disagree with the Forbes assessment of Blogging. So as a test I made a trip to one of my favourite magazine stores to review the latest from the mainstream media in an attempt to solve a “new to the world” problem. As I worked through the racks it struck me that most mainstream media business publications are homogeneous and lacked real fresh insight. Blogs trump the Mainstream Media every time.

There are aways fresh new ideas but some of my favourite sites are listed on the Blogroll of this Blog’s homepage.

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