November 1, 2005

Live Microsoft Software

At a customer meeting today we talked at length about creating software companies. The discussion revolved around Google and in particular the recently announced Sun-Google alliance. Not to long ago the agenda would have been about Microsoft. Its startling when you realize the change in approach to software that Google engineered in a few short years.

Actually, companies like Netsuite and were there first but Google perfected the mass market play. A posting on The Stalwart describes Google's approach best. Here's a quote: "In Google's vision, all of your important data, and the software required to use it is centrally housed, accessible via a browser on any device--aka a thin client."

Microsoft's vision of rich client innovation is polar opposite to Google's. So when I returned to the office I was pleased to read about Microsoft's Windows Live and Office Live announcement. There's a ton of coverage about this on Tech.Memeorandum but the most insightful analysis is at the Microsoft Monitor Weblog in a post called - "What "Live" Is" and "What Live Is Not"

Microsoft Live is excellent news for the future of software and for enterprise/small/medium businesses. It's also a great strategic move by Microsoft.

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