November 23, 2005

Find the One Thing

I'm thinking that there's a lot going on this week. What with the first big snowstorm set to hit where I live, a federal election (in Canada) about be launched, and oh yeah...GM's plants closing annoucements.

There's been some great analysis about the causes of GM's (recurring) problems. In my opinion the guys at
Evolving Excellence blog found the smoking gun (or in this case car). They nailed the one thing that's the root of GM's issues when they wrote:

"In all of the commiserating about legacy costs, fuel costs and the falling popularity of big SUV's, what seems to pass unnoticed are manhours per car 20% or more higher than Toyota, dismal inventory turns and manufacturing cycle times, and continued lagging in manufacturing quality."

This is an example of what I love the most about the Blogosphere - passionate people, experts in their fields being open and adding value to the rest of us. This is a great segway to the reason for this posting -- it's also an example of what is needed to win in business. I'm talking about filtering out the the noise and finding the one thing that's causing all the dysfunction. Or finding the one thing that will ensure success.

Having years of business experience makes the insights easier. If you don't have the experience the good news is this skill can be learned. Techniques such as
precision questioning, "the 5 whys" and root cause analysis are what it takes. Or an unbiased consultant can help you to find the one thing.

So what are you waiting for?

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