November 14, 2005

Carnival of Computing 1.0.5

Welcome to the 5th installment of the Carnival of Computing. Enjoy.....

Sarah King of
Simple SEO offers a view of Rollyo at Rollyo delivers a new web search.

Robert Scoble a.k.a.
Scobeleizer reviews coverage of Microsoft Memos at Paying attention to the post-memo blogs

Elisa Camahort at
The Browster Blog presents a take on Microsoft Live at Live is Evil Spelled Backwards

Steve Rubel the founder of
Micro Persuasion shows how to get more mileage from Technorati at Ten Technorati Hacks and Ten Blogging Hacks

Josh Cohen at
Multiple Mentality presents a few words on saving money by using computerized correspondence at And e-mail and e-pay become that much more attractive

Andrew Hughes of
AnyLetter talks about his favorite Web 2.0 application at Thoughts of Writely

Jim Estill of Time Leadership presents ways to maximize productivity at Jim Estill's 8 Rules of Time

David Carter of
Participation Highway offers What Business Can Learn from Grassroots Journalism

Skip Reardon of
Be Excellent sees advice for all companies in Microsoft Live, Strategic Planning and Alignment

It Should Be Noted presents Sony Is Putting Malicious Spyware On Your Computer

Ash Seha of
TLF Blog explains the secret to good marketing positioning in Positioning is like Lying

And finally here is my entry:
Problem Solving 2.0 Style

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