October 12, 2005

More Instant Messenger Alignments

About this time last month rumors were circulating that Microsoft was about to acquire AOL. So I have to ask - does today's IM interoperability announcement between Microsoft and Yahoo imply the MSN - AOL deal (or whatever it was going to be) is dead?

The conventional wisdom states that the combination of MSN and Yahoo Instant Messenger comes close, but doesn't equal AOL's share. If I were AOL and I looked out my rear view mirror today at Microsoft and Yahoo collaborating, I'd start ramping up to compete.

Sure enough thanks to a quick search in the Blogosphere I found a article saying that Google, Comcast in talks to invest in AOL. Is this AOL's reply to today's interoperability deal? But wait! The article also says that Microsoft and AOL are still in talks to create a joint venture. My head hurts.

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