October 6, 2005

I Am the Original David Daniels

I found out from a client today that there is another David Daniels in the technology industry. Daniels is a common name and I've known that there are an number of me in tech. In fact when I worked for Microsoft there were three other David Daniels' in the company. On my first day on the job there I got welcome emails from each one. For years we used to get each other's stuff.

In recent years when going through Customs and Immigration I've had to be proactive about my middle name and birthdate so as not to be mistaken for yet another David Daniels. A Customs agent once hinted that this one was "wanted" and I don't mean in a good way.

The David Daniels that I was alerted to is the one that is a Research Director at Jupiter Research. A very influential firm. Click
here for his bio. Very cool guy but in my opinion there's an even more interesting David Daniels. He's the Opera Singer. Actually a Countertenor. Here is a link to his bio.

But I trump each of these David Daniels'....I've been David Daniels longer!!!

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