October 15, 2005

AOL Juggling Buyers

The hot real estate market is gathering a lot of attention. In many markets home buyers and sellers initiating bidding wars way over asking prices. But there is something similar going on in tech. According to this weekend's edition of the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo has entered talks to buy AOL.

This makes a 4 potential buyers of AOL that includes Google, Comcast, Microsoft and Yahoo. I'm not writing this as yet another analysis of scenarios.

But the one question that crossed my mind is - how is AOL staging the discussions without having each camp run into each other in an elevator? Plus I imagine that AOL has had to "divide and conquer" and set up multiple deal teams negotiating in parallel. Increasing communication and decision making complexities.

I look forward to reading the back story on these deals...has the making of a great business book.

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