September 28, 2005

Case Study - Technology Reseller Turnaround

Client Profile:

  • Leading regional independent technology reseller;

The Client’s Challenge:

  • 100% turnover within sales team;
  • Poor client loyalty and retention;
  • Undifferentiated value proposition for new client acquisition;

RND2Reinvent Solution:

  • Planned and implemented sales delivery and development program;
  • Recruitment and training of quality sales staff;
  • Initiated a plan to expand client nationally;
  • Analysis of current customer base toward the creation of an effective retention program.
  • Completion of a client segmentation study and establishment of an unbundled pricing and services methodology;

Results Attained:

  • Increased sales;
  • Elimination of sales staff turnover;
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction;

About RND2REINVENT: Business & Technology Reinvention (RND2Reinvent Inc.) helps companies grow through rapid reinvention. The company offers solutions in business development, turnaround, product development, innovation, marketing & technology strategy.

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