September 4, 2005

Corporate Social Responsiblity & Katrina

There’s another timely Op-Ed article in Saturday’s New York Times about Government’s poor leadership during the Katrina Catastrophe. It’s called – United States of Shame and written by Maureen Dowd. Read the article and come to your own conclusions about who’s accountable for this crisis.

Last night CNN’s Larry King devoted three on air hours to
“How You Can Help”. Donating to The Red Cross and The Salvation Army is the right thing to do. But there is another way and I want to insert this concept/tool into discussions, links and postings on Katrina. The concept is – Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR for short.

CSR isn’t new.
Here is the definition of CSR at Wikipedia. It’s a concept that relates to a corporation’s role within society. It’s a way for companies to enable their people and resources to be used for the good of society. Ultimately it’s a win-win situation – CSR enables more rapid rebuilding so that these companies can get back to profitability quicker.

In my opinion CSR needs to be embraced by the corporate sector and quickly. CSR is the missing link to assist the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast. I’m working on an interview with two leading CSR Champions. Please stay tuned.

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