September 28, 2005

Case Study - Idea to Launch in 45 Days

Client Profile:

  • A startup business.
  • Solution comprising the combination of automation and manual processing enhancing the result of digital marketing and customer service.
  • Serving clients within targeted industry verticals in North America and Asia.

The Client’s Challenges:

  • Start from scratch. Zero visibility, awareness or market recognition of client;
  • No marketing collateral - no website, no case studies, no whitepaper and no ongoing media relations;
  • Solution considered requires different thinking and approach than for a mature industry. Includes long sales cycles;
  • No solution delivery processes in place;
  • 45 days to launch at industry conferences in Chicago and NYC.

Solution: Planned and implemented a full sales, marketing, and solution delivery program.

Results Attained:

  • Fully operational company within 45 days;
  • Creation of branding, website, brochure, case study, whitepaper and pricing;
  • Company launched and media blitz resulted in the client being featured in five articles in leading industry publications;
  • Initiation of effective lead generation program using high volume direct response marketing and targeted account selling.

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