September 28, 2005

Case Study - Business Turnaround

Client Profile:

  • Leading North American Digital Marketing Company;
  • High volume production environment;
  • Selling a combination of products and services worldwide.

The Client’s Challenge:

  • Financed growth and geographic expansion through high amounts of debt;
  • Operating at monthly operating loss;
  • High employee headcount and low sale per head ratios;
  • High adoption within a single industry segment;
  • Inexperienced staff and high degree of manual work required as part of existing complex solution;


  • Initiation of SWOT analysis;
  • Planned and implemented a business turnaround action plan, program to reduce debt;
  • Completed product re-positioning and client contract negotiation;
  • Business plan creation toward the securing of growth funding.

Results Attained:

  • Return to profitability within 6 months;
  • On track to eliminate all debt within 12months;

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