August 17, 2005

3 Steps to Successful Corporate Blogging

As an individual you can easily set up a personal blog by going to Blogger, Typepad, or any number of other providers. Once you set up a site you can start posting on any topic. Hopefully your posts will be original and will add value in some fashion. You may think that for a coporate blogger it may be just as easy...or is it really?

Mark Cuban on BlogMaverick recently coined a new term - Splog. A Splog is a a site whose creator doesn't add original content/value. Its a blending Spam and Blog to get Splog. Here is a link to his posting. If you are planning to launch a corporate blog there is a serious risk of being identified as a Splog. How do you manage this risk down? In my experience you need to follow 3 simple steps.

See the diagram may need to click on it to view it full screen.

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1 - Set Goals:
The most important step. Make sure you do all these items before even thinking technology. Set goals, target markets. Work out what the visitor of the site will experience. Describe what the site will be (and will not be.) All while keeping an eye on voice of customer. Plus appoint content authors and ensure they commit to regular posting and comment response.

Step 2 - Set Technology:
This is where you research and negotiate with suppliers to enable hosting, content writing and management tools, security, syndication and content management. Set a Launch Date.

Step 3 - Launch:
Ideally test with a focus group comprised of your target market. Make changes based upon feedback and go live - Launch!

Following this approach will make your Corporate Blog a success and Splog proof!!!

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