March 15, 2005

RND2ReInvent Solutions

RND2Reinvent Inc. builds high performing sales teams, plans and implements winning product development programs, and launches rapid business turnarounds and startups.

Rapid Solutions:

  • Sales Team Delivery: Track record of building and coaching high performing sales teams ($1M to $300M) in the technology industry. Direct (Large Enterprise & SMB) and Reseller expertise - Canada, USA and Asia.
  • Product Development Programs: Accomplished new product developer and fixer of existing products or services. Worldwide market assessment, development and initial customer acquisition. Web, Software, Hardware, Wireless, Services etc…
  • Business Turnaround Programs: Rapidly and permanently turned around 6 under-performing companies ($4M to $100M in annual revenue) in the last 12 months.

RND2Reinvent Value Creating Principles:

  1. We connect you with your customer and make it easy for your customer to connect with you;
  2. We structure a business model with a recurring revenue stream;
  3. We make sure the technology under-pinning your product or service has a long lifecycle;
  4. We launch products that have differentiated features and benefits;
  5. We build for a market not just for one customer;
  6. We help you to manage each customer relationship from a P&L basis;
  7. We ensure that your people manage at most 4 projects at the same time;
  8. We help you connect with your employees for improvement & new product ideas;
  9. We make sure your people are paid for performance and share in your profits;
  10. We challenge your top performers and reinvent the bottom performers;

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